8 bedroom house plans in india

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All the houses designed and built by our company the entire have become a benchmark for being a blend of functional design, aesthetics and also innovation. Also we are very famous for our state of the art of architecture. The modern house made and designed by our company is built less than 8 lakh. We believe in offering the best values to our client. So, we choose a land for our project.

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Tuesday, April 14, Acha Homes. Best Home Insurance Policies in India. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Crafted By Comet Web Solutions.Looking for an 8 bedroom house plan that will be used as a single unit?

Or maybe you're interested in an 8 bedroom duplex plan? An eight bedroom triplex? How about a quadplex? We have all these variations in the below collection of eight bedroom home plans. While some plans in this collection are simply big and beautiful single unit residences, others, you'll notice, are actually multiple units i. Duplex house plans, triplex house plans, and quadplex house plans are terrific if you're interested in renting out part or all of the home once it's built assuming local laws permit.

Just think, wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about a monthly mortgage payment? Even better, what if, instead of paying money to a bank each month, you were actually collecting positive income from tenants Pretty cool, huh?! Whether you're looking for a single or multiple unit residence, in order to best determine which house plan is right for your family, consider all the activities you conduct on a regular basis.

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Because a bedroom doesn't have to be used for sleeping. Instead, homeowners often turn "bedrooms" into offices, hobby workshops, exercise rooms, play areas for small kids, or rec rooms for adults who are kids at heart! Some people even turn bedrooms into libraries or music nooks. Storage is yet another popular use for extra bedrooms. Plan Thank you! This is the Right Time to Plan. We'll Help.

Not ready to build? No problem. There's still a lot you can do right now. Let's start! What questions do you have?

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When do you want to start construction? Do you have a lot?

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Are you working with a builder? Where do you plan on building? Please enter your question s. Send me your Newsletter, too!

Send Message. No Thanks. Need an answer faster?Price range: R 0 to R 50, With over 10 years online service, Nethouseplans has grown to be so good at offering only the best quality and efficiency that a growing number of our new clients now comes from word of mouth.

All our plans contains further information on the features, sizes and amenities that each plan offers. It also provides references to other sections and components located elsewhere on the plans. These Plans show the sides of the house normally when viewed from all 4 sides — North, South, East and West. The external treatment of walls, exterior materials and finishes is also shown. These drawings give notes and details to drainage components and vertical dimensions of the structure.

Corbelling details and roofing notes are also elaborated. All other specific and unique details to the plan in question are indicated here. Where available, 3D plans are also included. A cross-section shows a sliced view of the entire structure taken at specific points.

8 bedroom house plans in india

Large-scale views show sections or cuttings of the foundations, ground level, staircases, walls, floors and roof details. Additional cross-sections may show important details which may otherwise be hidden in the deepest layers of a structure.

Sections show how different components interconnect to form a solid and monolithic outcome that becomes a dwelling house. In some cases a large scaled drawing may be necessary to illustrate the interconnectedness of even the smaller components of the building which then translates to the builder and other building consultants what the structure is made of.

This plan provides suggested positions of electrical switches, plugs, lighting, outlets, etc. A layout is provided for each floor level, each room, garage and the exterior. The electrician is responsible for the designs and reticulation of all circuits, wiring and all engineering details of the entire system.

These are included in the respective Floor plans and Elevation diagrams.

8 bedroom house plans in india

Their details and notes are also specified here. This plan shows an overview of the roof configuration. Roof valleys, ridges, Overhangs and Angles are shown. The specifications and details of roofing materials to be used are also detailed. This is a list of the windows and doors to be used in the project. Usually it depicts the sizes and specific material types of each item.

The schedules are read in conjunction with floor plans.

8 Bed Room New Villa @ Trivandrum. 5000SqFt. for Sale . 3.5c

Any codes on the floor plans is used to point to the actual item in the schedule. Contemporary Style.

One Level / Single Story House Plans

Bali Style. Modern Style. Tuscan Style. Country Style. Single Storey.Kerala Model Houses are the best Indian houses and no other states can see such awesome kerala house models. Kerala House designs here. Another best kerala and tamil nadu model house. Yes these are the best indian house designs and best kerala traditional house designs. I like all photos in this gallery super designs. Indians using these type of houses always. Most of the house models in india are same pattern i think.

Great and greatt. Some of the indian house models are great to see and good looking. Other hand some indian houses images are not such good. Anyway most of the houses photos are good in look. All the given model houses images are top in style. I like all the different type of indian home design models. Awesome photos! Hello Myslf Vjay from Mysore.

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I have 30X4o South East Facing. To get more space for the duplex house, I have to go for basement parking. Pls suggest good plan. My house is located at pala. Could you please share ur contact details with us. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Eface Entertainments. Home Pictures Top best Indian house designs model photos.Bungalow house plans merge organic beauty with easy living spaces. They are perfect for small lots that are hard to build on. The origin of the bungalow-style home is found in the Bengal region, where traditional architectural principles called for smaller homes with low roofs and breezy porches to help stay comfortable in the heat and humidity of South Asia.

The concept of bungalow design has evolved through the centuries, as British colonists adapted the style for their own homes and even brought it back to England, where it was considered exotic and well-liked by the upper class. As a result, bungalows became larger and took on Western Arts and Crafts style while maintaining the original Eastern shape. Now, you'll find that they often overlap with Craftsman house plansbut they are typically capped at one or 1.

Prominent covered porches and low-pitched roofs with overhanging eaves define today's bungalows, and they remain a favorite for their distinctive looks and warm atmospheres. If you need assistance finding the best bungalow house plan for your family, please emaillive chator call us at and we'll be happy to help! Our Guarantee. User ID:.

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Forgot Your Password? Email Chat Bungalow House Plans Bungalow house plans merge organic beauty with easy living spaces. House Plan Basic Plan Search. Square Feet to. Results Per Page: 12 24 36 48 60 72 84 Plans Found: Square Footage. All 1 1. House Width. House Depth. House Style:. All rights reserved. Reproductions of the illustrations or working drawings by any means is strictly prohibited.

Create an Account. Baths 3. Baths 2. Baths 1. Baths 4.Choosing a house can be a daunting task, especially if you want it to be yours forever home. Even when you have a sketchy image of what you want, lots of things need to be taken into consideration.

For example, you like modern house designbut would it be suitable for kids? How does it affect your electrical bills? How to find the best location? Modern house plans place a great emphasis on efficiency. In the era when energy is scarce, you can say modern house design is your best bet. You can consider your own needs and preferences, and incorporate them into the plan. Here are several things you may need to consider before taking your final decision.

Most people think that location is the first consideration when choosing your home. It is true for several reasons, especially if you plan to buy an already existing house.

However, if you want to build a house that functionally suits your needs, it is safer to decide the type of the house first and looking for the site later. The reason is, when you set your mind on a certain location, the design should adapt to the site. Either you need to fit the design in accordance with the rules in the area, or to fit the size into the available land-site.

Not everyone needs a spacious house, and not every family can be accommodated in a two-bedroom house. Assess carefully what you and your family need.

How often you will have guests and whether the additional bedroom is needed. Modern house plans seek a balance between space and house size. To minimize transitional spaces, it usually comes in open floor style, where there is no wall between rooms. The design maximizes air flow and creates a spacious common room. However, if you have a home office, it could be hard to concentrate while your family members are watching TV in the living room.Two-story house plans are more economical and eco-friendly per square foot than one-story homes.

Take any amount of square footage and you'll find that stacking it in a two-story home gives it a smaller footprint, allowing it to be built on more lots with less environmental impact. And when you consider the volume to exterior wall area ratio, it is more efficient to build and live in a two-story layout. But many people simply prefer the aesthetic—grand foyers and lofts are just two of the distinct features you can get with higher walls and ceilings.

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Some homeowners also like clearly defined shared and private spaces, and having the bedrooms on the second floor creates this separation. Whatever your reason for choosing a two-story home, we have a huge selection available, and we know there's a design that has everything you want. If you need assistance finding a two-story plan, please emaillive chator call us at and we'll be happy to help!

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8 bedroom house plans in india

User ID:. Forgot Your Password? Email Chat Two Story House Plans Two-story house plans are more economical and eco-friendly per square foot than one-story homes. House Plan Basic Plan Search. Square Feet to. Results Per Page: 12 24 36 48 60 72 84 Plans Found: Square Footage. All 1 1. House Width.

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